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What They Are Not Telling You (WTANTY)

We feel it is necessary to make you aware of the fact that other companies use our name and reputation to market their technology. Other company websites use the words Kangen and Enagic to attract traffic to their websites. Hence they state that their machines will give the same results as Kangen Water from an Enagic SD-501 water Ionizer.


Why would other companies use Kangen Water and Enagic’s reputation to market their technology? Please remember the Internet has no rules in regards to what people say or upload. That is why we encourage you to get yourself educated firstly before you decide to invest in a water Ionizer. Find someone who you feel you can trust to explain to you the true facts around water ionizers.

Below is a collection of videos we feel will help you along this process.




Osaka, Japan


Medical Grade Plate Vs Mesh Technology


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3. Chairman-Advisory Board-American Anti-Cancer Institute




The Gold Standard in Water Ionisers


Scientist Ray Kurzweil Q&A about Alkaline Water


Dr Carpenter going to Japan


Dr Carpenter – A Full Interview


Earthtrade Water also known as Life Ionizers – Water Filtration & Purification Equipment in Carlsbad, CA – BBB Business Review – Customer Complaints


*Please download and read this document as part of your research to find out what customers are saying about Life Ionisers and the company also known as Earthtrade Water…..



To view Enagic’s certification’s then please click on this link below: