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The purpose of this Video Training Libary section is to further educate you on The Enagic Company, this water technology and how to spread this good news.

Any further questions please get back in contact with the person who shared this training website with you.

Enjoy, from the Kangen Support Team.

Japanese Hospital using Kangen Water

Kangen Water benefits

Demo on how this Technology works

How restaurants use this technology for enhancing their food along with saving money on cleaning products.

Dr Shyina Colon Video

Vascular Surgeon

Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water (short version)

Where in the world is Enagic?

What Doctors Are Saying

Killing Cancer Not People

Celebrities that LOVE Kangen Water

Gerald Kostecka talks about the competition. Good info to know when you need to answer questions about those “half price” machines out there on the internet

MR OSHIRO. The one and only, our hero, gave an incredible speech. We missed a tiny section in the middle, but the incredible heart of that man comes through in his message. Notice how great Don Prosser is too as his interpreter.

Dr Horst Filtzer, the medical adviser to Enagic®, gave a great Q and A session on the most common questions he gets asked. The video is pieced together as we had some interruptions. Even though we missed a bit, we’re sure you’ll find this combined video incredibly valuable and it will answer many of your questions.

Dr Tim McKnight is the author of “Confessions of a Skeptical Physician.” His journey through the medical research and full acceptance and use of Kangen Water® is a great story. It’s also very useful for any medical professionals you’re working with.