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Confessions Of A Skeptical Physician – Tim McKnight M.D

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Prior to entering medical school Dr. McKnight got a Bachelors degree in Nutrition, a Masters degree in Nutrition then he completed his PhD program in Nutrition as he entered Ohio State Medical School. Dr. McKnight tells the story about how he was first introduced to the water, wanted nothing to do with it, but finally, begrudgingly agreed to go see a presentation, thinking he would poke holes in it.


Little did he know it would mark the beginning of a multi-year investigation into the science, research and practical use of Ionized Water. Dr. McKnight presents a quick read that really explains what the water is all about. For Doctors, scientists, or others who want to read the recent medical research, the book features over 25 pages of medical abstracts from recent studies, so those looking for more detail have all of the research citations needed to dig as deep as they want.


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Dr. Corrine Allen’s Medical Abstracts From Years Of Research

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“Research and Science, with documentation and resources on The Science & Practical Uses of Electrolyzed,
Ionized, Micro-clustered water in Brain and Neurological Functions.

This information will astound you in how powerful this water really is. It will provide you documentation to show your doctor or other health care practitoners, your family and friends, what Science says about Electrolyzed Reduced (ionized) water and how to use it for neurological problems. Read and print the Scientific evidence of the remarkable achievements of what Electrolyzed Reduced water can and has achieved in documented studies on the brain and neurological disorders.

This research which I have being researching for years, covers topics like Anxiety, Anorexia, Alzheimerʼs,
Arteriosclerosis, Bacterial infections, Depression, Bi Polar, ADD, Autism, Memory, Cognition, Parkinsonʼs, ALS, Dementia, Insomnia, Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Heart Attack, Seizures, MS, Obsessive Compulsive, Touretteʼs, Stress and much more.

This information is invaluable and needs to be shared with those who are open to listening and wanting to make a difference.”

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